My Books

For all those interested, this is a (mostly) comprehensive list of the books that are going on in my life at the moment. The drop down will give more information, as this is just the list.


Completed Books:

Last of Elves 1 – Blood Memories

Last of Elves 2 – Search for the Extinct

Elements 1 – The Forgotten

Elements 2 – The Remembered

Scientific Fantasies

The Four Horsemen 1 – The Red Horsemen

Horns of Legend 1.5 – Horns of Violet

A Dance With the Dead



Last of Elves 3 – The Lost Generations

Elements 3 – The Abandoned

The Four Horsemen 2 – The Pale Horsemen

The Four Horsemen 4 – The Black Horsemen

Love and Innocence

Horns of Legend 1 – Horns of Red

Every Breath She Takes

The Devil 1 – The Devil Wears a Suit

The Devil 2 – The Devil Came Back



Killian and the Song of the Sea

Beauty and the Beast retelling

The Wild Swans retelling

The Sign of Freedom

Elements 4 – The Cherished

The Four Horsemen 3 – The White Horsemen

Horns of Legend 2 – Horns of Cream

Horns of Legend 3 – Horns of Black

The Werewolf’s Love