The Forgotten (Elements I)

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Draft 1: 54, 938 words

Draft 2: 54, 502 words

Draft 3 (so far): 65, 294 words

My first try at NaNoWriMo, I didn’t finish this one in the month, but it is finally finished now. Onto the third, and not the final, draft so far. I’m currently working on the third draft in hope to get a print copy of it.

The world of magic is mysterious, often working in unknown ways. The humans try to control this, not understanding that they are no longer are part of the world. The exception is a young mage, who is more interested in his books than trying to control what he doesn’t understand.
The world of the elementals is one of balance and peace. They are renowned for their abilities, and as such, have been hunted and enslaved to the point of extinction. One refuses to allow this, and fights for freedom, with unexpected consequences.

Elements Book I